Points Of Entry: How Bug Pests Get Into Your Home And How Pest Control Experts "Close" Entry Points

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Insect pests, especially those that can destroy your home and invade your space with their multi-legged creepiness, find their way in through "ports of entry." Pest control experts are aware of these ports of entry, and know how to address the problem and "close" the ports of entry. Here is how to view your home in the same way as the experts and how the experts stop the pest invasions via these areas into your home.

29 December 2015

Three Questions To Evaluate A Carpet Cleaning Service

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If your carpets are in need of a good deep cleaning, a professional carpet cleaning service can help you to quickly refresh your carpets. There are a few different types of carpet cleaning services, and these companies vary in terms of their quality and methods. Here are some questions to ask when choosing a carpet cleaner.   What Cleaning Methods Do You Use? Cleaning equipment used for carpet cleaning can vary greatly.

3 December 2015

Eight Items To Make Home Life Easier When Your Mobility Is Challenged

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Whether you're recovering from joint replacement surgery, suffering from serious arthritis, or living with a permanent disability, staying in your home can be challenging. When moving is undesirable or not feasible, here are eight items you can add to your home to make life better with reduced ambulation. Going to and From Your Home When your mobility is lessened, the simple act of coming and going from your home can be difficult.

12 November 2015

St. Augustine Grass Keeps Dying In The Winter? Revive It With These 2 Tips

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If your beautiful St. Augustine grass dies in the winter no matter what you do or put on it, you need to revive it fast. Sometimes grass dies when it's exposed to excessive heat, chemicals and poor soil. Weeds and bugs that take over or eat your grass can also kill it. You can improve the health of your grass with these two tips. Don't Skip the Water Although most types of grass don't require watering during the winter, St.

20 October 2015

Redesigning Your Backyard: Ideas For You

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When it comes to the backyard in a home, many people may not put it to the best possible use. They may find themselves too busy or just disinterested in spending time out there because it is not particularly inviting or enjoyable. If you are among those people who are looking to make your backyard a more welcoming and inviting space that you want to spend time in, you may be looking for ideas as to where to start.

21 September 2015

Add Concrete Curbing To Your Landscaping? 3 Things You Should Know

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 You're landscaping your new home and you want a creative way to divide the different sections of your yard. Custom concrete edging will allow you to divide your yard into individual sections. It requires very little maintenance and it will last many years. Here are a few things that you should know about your new concrete curbing, however, in order to protect and clean it just after it is laid.

26 August 2015

For Quilters Only: How To Prepare To Test Drive A Sewing Machine

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Buying a new sewing machine is no easy task and can be overwhelming considering all the new machines on the market designed specifically for quilters. Test driving several different makes and models of sewing machines is the best way to make sure you choose a machine that will meet your needs and be easy to operate. The best machine on the market won't be practical if you don't feel comfortable using it.

4 August 2015

Choosing The Right Window Dressing For Your Home

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Any aspect of interior design can be difficult. There are many decisions to make and even more options to choose from. Window dressing can be an especially difficult task. Blinds are usually a good option for most people, as they are still attractive window shades, but are a lot more flexible than other options such as custom shutters. A common option is to go for wooden blinds; these can create a lovely authentic feature whilst being practical and not breaking the bank in the process.

15 July 2015

Getting Rid Of The Cat Odor Without Getting Rid Of Your Cat

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It can be a common occurrence in a cat owner's household that urine ends up on the floor. A male cat may feel the need to show their dominance. A cat with arthritis can't quite make it into the litter box in time. Or a cat with a bladder infection simple goes wherever they are when the urge to urinate strikes. It is possible that a commercial product is the only thing that will clean up the spot and work for the pet odor removal.

22 June 2015

How To Set Wood Fence Posts In Gravel And Concrete For Better Longevity


If you're looking into installing your own fence, or want to do research before hiring a contractor, you will likely encounter widely varying opinions on setting fence posts. Concrete offers the greatest stability, but also carries the risk of rot since the porous concrete can trap water against the ends of the wood. Gravel allows for water drainage but can also shift and make for wobbly fencing. A good solution is to mix the two techniques for a result that's fairly stable but also allows water to drain away from the post.

3 June 2015