St. Augustine Grass Keeps Dying In The Winter? Revive It With These 2 Tips

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If your beautiful St. Augustine grass dies in the winter no matter what you do or put on it, you need to revive it fast. Sometimes grass dies when it's exposed to excessive heat, chemicals and poor soil. Weeds and bugs that take over or eat your grass can also kill it. You can improve the health of your grass with these two tips.

Don't Skip the Water

Although most types of grass don't require watering during the winter, St. Augustine grass may require some type of supplementary watering system in place, especially if it turns brown or dries out. You want to keep your grass as healthy as possible until spring arrives. 

One of the things you can do is consult with a lawn care specialist about installing your supplemental watering or irrigation system. Because winter's weather tends to be unpredictable, you don't want to install a system that waters your grass all the time. You need to use a system that can pick up or analyze the weather conditions in your area automatically through smart sensors. When the weather appears too dry or warms up, the system releases water on your grass to keep it hydrated and healthy.

Test Your Soil

The second thing you can do is test the soil below your grass. Soil that contains high levels of chemicals, such as pesticides, can penetrate or run off into the soil and poison your grass. If you live near a manufacturing company, farm or some other place that uses pesticides or chemicals, the chemicals can travel to your soil through the rain on and below the ground.

Even the fertilizers you currently use may not be a healthy for your St. Augustine grass as you think. The fertilizers may contain too many nitrates, which can overwhelm your grass and inhibit its growth. 

A lawn care specialist can test your soil to see if it contains too many bad things and offer alternatives to your current fertilizers that don't contain pesticides and other hazardous chemicals. One of the things you want to avoid is making your own fertilizer from things like beer and ammonia.

A lawn care specialist will help you decide on the best fertilizer for your grass based on the results of your soil test. For instance, if your soil contains too much nitrogen from summer fertilizing, the specialist may recommend that you use a fertilizer that doesn't contain nitrogen during the winter. Knowing what to use and not to use for your grass is critical.

For more information, contact Superior Lawn and Landscape or a similar company.


20 October 2015

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