Points Of Entry: How Bug Pests Get Into Your Home And How Pest Control Experts "Close" Entry Points

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Insect pests, especially those that can destroy your home and invade your space with their multi-legged creepiness, find their way in through "ports of entry." Pest control experts are aware of these ports of entry, and know how to address the problem and "close" the ports of entry. Here is how to view your home in the same way as the experts and how the experts stop the pest invasions via these areas into your home.

At the Foundation

Your foundation, and thus your basement, are on the same level as the soil where the bugs come from. Therefore, it should not be surprising that the biggest port of entry for millipedes, ants, centipedes, termites, spiders, earwigs and cockroaches is your foundation. These pests find a little crack in the foundation, flatten their bodies and wiggle through, or they crawl up the foundation wall, through the paneling and insulation outside and over the top of the foundation wall into your home. The most brazen of pests (e.g., cockroaches, ants, etc.) will crawl all the way up inside your walls and look for an exit that brings them out into your kitchen or any other area where you keep food.

Along the Edges of Your Windows, Doors and Chimney (or Roof Vents)

Bug pests are nothing if not resourceful. If there is enough room to slide a sheet or two of paper under your front door or under a crack in the windows, bugs will use that to their advantage as  another port of entry. Chimneys that go unused are another port of entry, since there is no extreme heat or fire to burn up the pests coming down the chimney. Roof vents are practically wide open doors for bugs, since the vents were designed to release humidity from the attics and the roof fans do not run all year long.

How the Experts "Close" the Entry Points

Bathing the entire external surface area of your home with a pesticide is the first line of defense. This includes spraying the foundation thoroughly, and getting the pesticide into all of the little cracks you may not pay attention to or simply do not see. These pesticides often prevent the bugs from ever making it inside, as the poison is so lethal to them that coming into contact with it for just a few minutes will kill them. The next step is to spray your roof for any flying or dropping insects, followed by spraying the entire interior of your foundation where the pests may run away to hide until the poison dissipates. If you have problems with cockroaches and ants in your kitchen, the pest control expert can address these problems at the same time.

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29 December 2015

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