Three Questions To Evaluate A Carpet Cleaning Service

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If your carpets are in need of a good deep cleaning, a professional carpet cleaning service can help you to quickly refresh your carpets. There are a few different types of carpet cleaning services, and these companies vary in terms of their quality and methods. Here are some questions to ask when choosing a carpet cleaner.  

What Cleaning Methods Do You Use?

Cleaning equipment used for carpet cleaning can vary greatly. One recommended service to look for is steam cleaning. These machines use pressurized hot water to help lift debris from your carpet, making them a very effective way of removing built up stains and gunk. Another option to choose is a truck-mounted cleaning system. These machines use suction to pull debris off of the floor and into a mounted tank. Compared to a regular vacuum, these cleaning tools can use more force to clean the carpet. A great carpet cleaning service should use a variety of tools to do a thorough job on the carpet, but these two options are ones to look for specifically. 

What is Your Carpet Cleaning Process?

Besides using the right tools for the job, you carpet cleaning service should be able to give you a detailed process that they use to clean the carpet. There are several steps that should be used to thoroughly clean rugs and carpets. A first step should be to remove dry soil and debris using a high-powered vacuum or suction tool. The next step involves lifting dried stains and soil from the carpet. Once these stains have been suspended, the cleaner should lift them from the carpet. In the final steps, the cleaner should take steps to ensure that the carpet dries correctly. While the exact steps and methods may vary, check for each of these items in your carpet cleaner's process. 

What Type of Insurance Do You Have?

There are a number of things that can go wrong during your carpet service, as part of the line of duty. For instance, the wrong chemicals on your carpet can damage the fabric. Workers may also get injured by the equipment used for carpet cleaning. You'll need to find a carpet service that can guarantee to protect you from this kind of damage. Look for a company with excellent business insurance, including liability insurance, to make sure that you'll be covered in case of an incident. 

Choosing the right carpet cleaning services requires you to find someone who uses the right professional equipment and takes time to ensure your happiness with the job. Use the steps above to find a quality professional carpet service (such as Doug's Rug Spa).  


3 December 2015

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