Choosing The Right Window Dressing For Your Home

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Any aspect of interior design can be difficult. There are many decisions to make and even more options to choose from. Window dressing can be an especially difficult task. Blinds are usually a good option for most people, as they are still attractive window shades, but are a lot more flexible than other options such as custom shutters. A common option is to go for wooden blinds; these can create a lovely authentic feature whilst being practical and not breaking the bank in the process. When choosing wooden blinds for your home, there are three key points you should consider.

Make sure wooden blinds are the most practical option for you

You need to consider whether choosing a wooden blind is really the best option. For example, think about the layout of your home, the upkeep of your home and the size of your windows. If you live in an old building then you will likely have some issues with dust, which unfortunately is inevitable with aged structures. If this is the case, then a wooden blind is likely to collect the dust floating around the room and you will end up with a duster practically attached to your hand. Also, wooden blinds can be quite imposing, so if you have small rooms with small windows, you may find that the overall effect is too much and the ambiance of the room is jeopardized.

Coordinate with your current color scheme

Once you have confirmed that wooden blinds are you best option, you need to start thinking about color. Wood is a very versatile material and you will be able to find blinds that come in many different shades. If you have a room that has a light décor, such as cream, then darker blinds would be more likely to compliment the room, however if the room is decorated using darker colors or very strong colors such as red or deep brown, then it would be best to choose a lighter shade for the blind in order to give the illusion of light and space.

Be consistent throughout

If you are looking to furnish all the windows in your home, then it is a good idea to choose wooden blinds that are all the same design. You may want to choose different shades according to the color scheme of each room, however the overall design should be consistent. The blinds will then serve as a bridge between all of the rooms in your home, joining them together as part of one dwelling.

Talk to a professional window blind supplier, such as Aero Shade Co. Inc., or your interior designer for help on fixing your windows with the best and appropriate window dressings for your home. 


15 July 2015

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