Eight Items To Make Home Life Easier When Your Mobility Is Challenged

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Whether you're recovering from joint replacement surgery, suffering from serious arthritis, or living with a permanent disability, staying in your home can be challenging. When moving is undesirable or not feasible, here are eight items you can add to your home to make life better with reduced ambulation.

Going to and From Your Home

When your mobility is lessened, the simple act of coming and going from your home can be difficult. If you or family members often forget to turn off all the lights before you exit the house, ask an electrician to install master switches for all your fixtures. Place these switches at your common exit points, like the front door or the garage, so you won't have to walk all over the house shutting off lights.

If you live on a gated property or have plans to fence in your yard, getting in and out of the car can be anything from a hassle to an impossibility, depending on your level of disability. An automatic gate opener keeps you from having to exit your vehicle to deal with the gate. This can prevent falls and keep you safe from criminals as well. 

If your driveway space is limited, a side-sliding gate may be best, but more attractive gates can usually be found with models that swing open from the center, known as dual swing gates. The key to finding a gate opener that won't fail when you need it most is to go with a dependable brand, like Liftmaster, so you can trust the longevity of the motor. Be sure to give an extra remote control to anyone who needs to access your property in your absence or in case of emergency, like family members or caregivers.

Handling Front Porch Stairs and Entrances

Stairs and entrances can pose particular problems for those with limited mobility, but if your disability is temporary or not severe, you may not want to install permanent ramps. If you are using a walker or a scooter, prevent catching them on your doorstep with a temporary rubber threshold ramp that fills the space between the stoop and your doorway.

Instead of removing your stairs, you can use stair treads that flip down, lock in place, and convert your staircase to a ramp.

Preventing Falls

People with limited ambulation are at risk for slips and falls. To make it easier and safer to get in and out of your car, you can try hand grips that attach to the car door latch when it's open to give you an extra grab bar. A similar device creates a rounded hand bar for your bed that is held between the mattress and box spring.


To make relaxation easier, here are a couple of suggestions. Soaking in a hot bath can be a wonderful form of therapy for many conditions, but getting in and out of a tub can be difficult. Think about replacing your existing shower or tub with a walk-in bathtub. Instead of climbing over the edge of a tub, you simply open the entire side of the tub as a door. Once inside, you can enjoy jet sprays and a comfortable bench to sit on, which makes rising much easier.

If you think you have to give up your recliner because you're in a wheelchair, think again. You can use a wheelchair accessible reclining chair instead. Simply back your wheelchair into the recliner, which is more of an open frame than an conventional chair. The back of the frame acts as a chock to hold your wheelchair in place. You can then tip back and enjoy a snooze or watch your favorite TV programs just like in a regular recliner.

Your home should be the last place you have a tough time getting around. Try some of the inventions above, and your home can still be your castle no matter how limited your mobility.


12 November 2015

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