Add Concrete Curbing To Your Landscaping? 3 Things You Should Know

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 You're landscaping your new home and you want a creative way to divide the different sections of your yard. Custom concrete edging will allow you to divide your yard into individual sections. It requires very little maintenance and it will last many years. Here are a few things that you should know about your new concrete curbing, however, in order to protect and clean it just after it is laid.

Keep Off The Concrete Until It Cures

Your concrete curbing will be hard to the touch in just a matter of hours after it has been poured. However, it will not be completely cured for at least 24 hours.

During that curing time, it can crack, chip and collapse under pressure. Be sure to keep kids, pets and yard equipment – such as wheelbarrows – off the concrete for about 24 hours.

Protect It From Water During Curing

Water can severely damage your new concrete, especially during those first 24 hours while it's curing. To protect your concrete from damage, be sure to turn your lawn sprinklers off. If you have a drip system, air conditioner, or anything else that tends to leak water, turn them off, as well. 

It's a good idea to have plastic tarps on hand during those first 24 hours. If it rains, you'll be able to cover the concrete and protect it from the rain. Leave the tarp on the concrete until all threat of rain has passed and the surrounding ground has dried.

Don't Worry About The Splotches

If you've chosen colored concrete, you may notice color variations throughout the curbing. These variations are completely normal. The color will even out once the concrete has cured. In some cases, your concrete may look splotchy. That's also normal.

Once your concrete cures, you may notice a white powdery substance. This is called efflorescence. It's caused by salt from the concrete coming to the surface.  Efflorescence won't harm the concrete, but it should be cleaned off.

You can remove the powdery substance by washing your concrete after it has cured with a solution of equal parts water and vinegar. Simply combine the ingredients and scrub your concrete with a soft bristled brush.

If you have sections of your yard that you want to divide – such as lawn and planters – you may have decided on concrete curbing. You can keep your curbing looking beautiful and prevent damage by following the simple suggestions that are provided above. If you have any other questions regarding decorative curbing, be sure to ask your landscaper. One company that may be able to help meet your needs is Master Landscape.  


26 August 2015

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