How To Manage And Set A Schedule For Rental Property Maintenance

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Whether you own a single rental property or several, keeping your property maintained and in good repair is important. Not only will a well-maintained rental make your place more marketable to the public, but it can save you money by helping you avoid costly repairs. Establishing a routine property maintenance schedule will keep your rental property looking great and functioning at its best.

Create a list of tasks

Begin by writing down every maintenance task that needs to be completed. This can seem overwhelming, but it will make it easy to break down the chores into categories later. Taking it one room or area at a time can be helpful when creating your list. 

Determine how often a task needs to be done

Once you have your master list created, you can go through and select those items which can be done seasonally or a few times a year versus the ones that need to be done more often. For instance, washing down walls or cabinets can typically be done a few times a year whereas changing filters in heating units, etc., may need to be done more frequently depending on manufacturer recommendations.

Break down tasks into seasonal lists

Summer is a good time to inspect a roof for leaks and will give you plenty of time to schedule any repair work prior to the winter months. Summer is also a good time to paint any exterior surfaces that need to be touched up or to refinish a deck. Late fall is a good time to clean out gutters and remove debris from lawns.

Winter maintenance may include cleaning dryer vents, cleaning sink drains, and cleaning the shower grout. Wiping down cabinets and walls can be part of winter maintenance, as well as vacuuming all refrigerator and freezer coils.

Power washing the exterior of the home, decks, patios, and porches can be done in the spring, as well as interior painting. It is also a good time to have your landscape inspected for dead tree branches that may be a safety hazard and to make sure there are no areas of poor drainage in the lawn that can cause damage.

Falling behind on rental property maintenance is easy to do if you do not have a specific plan in place. Having a routine seasonal schedule for maintenance will give you the opportunity to address any necessary repairs that need to be completed. Contact a professional for more information about rental property maintenance


26 June 2023

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