5 Benefits Of 6-Inch Gutters

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Standard K-style gutters typically come in a five-inch size, but there are larger six-inch options also available. This may seem like a small difference, but an additional inch for both the width and depth of the gutter trough can provide a lot of benefits over a standard-size gutter.

1. Increased Capacity

The obvious benefit of a larger gutter is its increased water-holding capacity. This is especially helpful in areas where a lot of rain can fall in a short period of time. It's also necessary on large or steeply pitched roofs where the amount of water flow can easily overwhelm a smaller gutter trough. Most six-inch guttering is hooked up to larger capacity downspouts as well, which further aids in handling high-capacity runoff.

2. Easier Maintenance

The slightly larger opening on top of six-inch gutters makes it much easier to scoop out the dead leaves and other gunk that can collect inside. Larger troughs also accommodate larger tools to further simplify the job. The larger capacity can also reduce the need for cleaning since it will take a lot more debris buildup to actually lead to a gutter clog.

3. Fewer Obstructions

It doesn't take much to obstruct narrower five-inch gutters or the smaller downspouts they hook into. A single large twig can lead to problems and overflow, which can damage your home. Small bits of debris are more likely to flow through six-inch gutters and out of the larger downspouts without causing an obstruction. Further, when obstructions occur, they are easier to access and remove, as mentioned above, so they don't tend to create major blockage problems.

4. Improved Protection

Protecting your roof eaves and siding is the primary purpose of roof gutters. Gutters also ensure water doesn't puddle and collect too closely to your foundation, as that can also cause damage.  A larger trough covers more of the space beneath the eaves, thus preventing runoff from the roof from going over the edges of the edge of the trough. Overflows are almost never an issue, particularly if the six-inch gutters are paired with roof aprons to guide the water into the trough.

five. Better Appeal

Older homes typically have short fascia boards that are easily hidden behind a five-inch gutter. Modern homes are often built with wider fascia boards on the eaves, which can look odd where they show underneath a smaller gutter trough. On homes with wide fascia boards or large roofs, the larger six-inch gutters simply have more aesthetic appeal.

Contact an installer to learn more about putting six-inch gutters on your home.


5 May 2023

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