Reducing Your Home's Risk Of Electrical Damage From Lightning Strikes

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Lightning strikes are a powerful and unpredictable natural phenomenon that can cause severe damage to your home's electrical system. When lightning strikes your home, it can cause electrical surges that can destroy your appliances and even start fires. Luckily, there are several upgrades that you can make to reduce your home's risk of being damaged.

Understanding The Risks Of Lightning Strikes

Lightning strikes are a serious threat to your home's safety and can occur anytime without warning. Lightning can create a massive electrical current that can damage or even destroy your home's electrical system.

The danger of lightning strikes is not limited to the electrical system alone. When lightning strikes a home, it can cause fires, leading to property damage and even fatalities. Unfortunately, these fires may occur behind walls and other areas you cannot reach. This could lead to the electrical fire rapidly spreading.

Install A Whole House Surge Protector

A whole house surge protector is critical to protecting your home from lightning strikes. The surge protector is installed at the main electrical panel in your home. It works by diverting any excess electrical energy from a lightning strike away from your home's electrical system.

Installing a whole-house surge protector requires the services of a professional electrician. Mistakes during this installation could lead to performance problems for the electrical system and may reduce the suppression system's effectiveness.

Upgrading Electrical Grounding And Bonding

Good electrical grounding and bonding protect your home's electrical system from lightning strikes. Grounding and bonding ensure that any excess electrical energy from a lightning strike is safely conducted to the ground. It involves the installation of additional grounding rods and bonding wires that ensure your home is adequately grounded. A professional residential electrician can help you assess your home's electrical system to determine the scope of the upgrades it needs.

Installing Lightning Rods

Installing lightning rods is crucial in protecting your home from lightning strikes. Lightning rods attract lightning strikes and safely divert electrical energy to the ground, away from your home's electrical system. Lightning rods are conductive materials that allow the electrical energy from a lightning strike to pass through them easily. This makes them highly effective at diverting the electricity away from the house.

Lightning rods are typically installed on your home's roof and connect to a grounding system that conducts the electrical energy safely to the ground. These rods must be securely anchored to the structure to prevent them from coming loose during the high winds that can occur during storms. For more information, contact a residential electrician near you.


15 March 2023

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