Do DIY Natural Ant Control Methods Really Work? Here's What You Need To Know

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If you're like many homeowners, you've heard of quite a few DIY solutions for ant control, and you're probably tempted to give them a try. Here's what you need to know:

Borax and Sugar

Otherwise known as sodium borate, borax is a naturally occurring mineral substance with a powdery texture. Although it's true that borax will kill some types of insects, such as ants, roaches, and mites, using it comes with a range of challenges. Because ants and other insects have a natural aversion to borax and will avoid it whenever possible, DIY instructions say to mix it with sugar. However, the addition of sugar just results in yet even more ants being attracted to the area. Furthermore, just because borax is a natural substance does not mean it is safe. Borax is toxic to both humans and their domestic pets, so it's important to be mindful, particularly if you have small children in the home who may be tempted to think of the borax/sugar mixture as a sweet treat meant just for them. 

Coffee Grounds

The myth that coffee grounds are instrumental in deterring ants has been going around for a long time, but this urban legend has little-to-no basis in truth. Even though ants aren't attracted to coffee grounds, they aren't repelled by them, either. The theory behind this is that the caffeine in the coffee grounds affects their sense of direction, but there is no factual basis for this belief. Another theory is that the powerful smell of coffee grounds keeps ants away, but this has not been proven either. Ants tend to ignore coffee grounds. Coffee grounds also create stains, and they may attract other types of insects such as roaches. 

White Vinegar

White vinegar has many household uses, especially for cleaning, but it only kills ants if they drown in it. Because ants can just as easily drown in water as in vinegar, vinegar itself can't really be considered an ant control measure. Some postulate that ants don't like the smell of vinegar, but there isn't any evidence to substantiate that claim. At best, cleaning with vinegar may help keep ants at bay because dirty homes tend to attract more bugs than clean ones. 

Effective ant control involves getting rid of the problem at nest level, and the average homeowner simply doesn't have the tools or the skills to make this happen. If you've got ants in your home that you can't get rid of by keeping your home interior as clean as possible, contact a local professional ant extermination company for assistance.  



1 December 2022

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