Tips For Caring For Your Orchids

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Orchids can be absolutely beautiful as house plants. However, they do require specific care in order to ensure they thrive and flower. Whether you just got a new orchid or have one that seems to be ailing, the following tips will help you take better care of the plant.

Place it in an east or west-facing window. 

Orchids need sunlight to thrive, but they do best with about a half-day of direct sun. So, if you put the orchid in either an east- or a west-facing window, it will get just the amount of sun that it needs. The sun rises in the east, so in an east-facing window, the orchid will get morning sun. Since the sun sets in the west, an orchid in a west-facing window receives afternoon sun. The less-direct, longer-lasting partial sunshine an orchid gets in a north- or south-facing window is less ideal.

Water it once a week.

People are often concerned about whether their plants will receive enough water, which causes them to over-water orchids. Although you may have good intentions, watering an orchid too often can cause the roots to become overly moist and begin to rot. You really only need to water your orchid once a week. Do it on the same, particular day each week so you have an easier time remembering.

Re-pot it yearly.

Over time, orchids use up the nutrients in the soil in their pots. While you could simply fertilize the soil, a better approach is to simply re-pot the orchid with new soil each year. Remove the orchid from the existing pot along with any soil that naturally clings to its root ball. Place the orchid in a new pot, and fill in around it with new potting mix. Water it, and then leave it alone for a week. The looser soil will make it easier for the orchid's roots to continue growing and adapting.

Keep your air more humid in the winter.

Orchids like to absorb moisture from the air, so if your indoor air gets too dry in the winter, your orchid plant might begin to suffer. You should therefore use a humidifier to keep your indoor air at about 55% humidity all winter long. If you don't have a humidifier, running a vaporizer in the room your orchid is in can work, too.

If you follow the tips above, your orchid should remain in better shape. Good luck!

Contact a florist for more information about orchid plants.


3 November 2021

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