4 Signs You Need New Residential Window Installation

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Are the windows looking out of place in your newly remodeled living room? Perhaps it is time you considered a replacement. Windows can last long, especially in rooms that are rarely used. But they also age, warp, and break like other house fixtures. They may also look outdated and out of place, requiring an upgrade. Here are some signs it is time to do new  residential window installation:

1. The Windows Have Extensive Damage  

Your windows can continue being operable with minor repairs like weather stripping. But sometimes these repairs are not adequate. For example, when a window frame is broken, there is no adequate way to replace the frame. This type of damage is more common after a disaster like a storm or a fire. 

2. The Windows Are Leaky

Do your windows bring in cold drafts, making you keep the heater on all the time? They are making your house energy inefficient. Energy efficiency has become a top concern because of the sensitivity of efficient energy usage in promoting environmental sustainability.

Older window designs were focused more on aesthetic value than energy efficiency. With new residential window installation, you can replace them with modern energy efficiency windows. These windows come with double-glazed insulating glass, which efficiently keeps stable and comfortable room temperatures. It reduces the need for heating and cooling and lowers your energy bills.

3. The Windows Are Dated 

Unless you are living in a historic home, having dated windows gives your home a rundown look. Windows, especially those facing the street, have a big impact on your home's curb appeal. A change of windows can have a dramatic effect on the whole visual appeal of your home's front side. If you are doing renovation or remodeling, it is impossible to overlook windows. 

Even historic buildings can have updated windows. You can engage a residential window installation service to make custom designs that fit the building's look. You retain the look but get better energy efficiency and indoor comfort.

4. The Windows Don't Match Security Needs 

 After doors, windows are the next favorite entry points for burglars and other felons. Your old windows might not be very helpful from a security perspective because of thin glass and weak frames.  

A new residential window installation can upgrade your security by installing windows with thicker glass and stronger frames. You even have options for installing armored bulletproof windows.  

Would you like to upgrade your windows with more contemporary and energy-efficient designs? Talk to a windows installer about your windows ideas. 

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4 August 2021

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