How To Rid Your Yard Of Mice

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Many people have struggled with how to rid their homes of mice. However, what if they aren't in your house yet but in your yard? Is that something you should worry about? Can they cause problems out there? The simple answer is yes. Having mice in your yard can cause big problems. No matter where they are, mice carry diseases and pests (such as fleas). They can burrow beneath the grass in your yard, causing damage to the roots of your lawn which makes the grass fragile. If you have a garden, you are unlikely to find any vegetables left without bite marks, which is such a waste after all of the hard work you have put into growing them.

In short, having mice in your yard is a problem that needs to be eliminated. There are many mice extermination services that would likely be willing to come and take care of it, or you can try it on your own. Here are a few tips either way that will help control the mouse population on your property. 

Eliminate Potential Burrow Locations

Mice like a nice, warm, secluded area to make their nest in. They will usually try to find a woodpile or an overgrown section of the yard to make their home. Keep in mind that one female mouse can have up to 10 pregnancies each year with an average of 6 to 8 babies per pregnancy. The sooner you find where they are nesting the quicker you can keep the population in check. 

Place Traps Along Tunnels

If you see that they are using tunnels under your lawn or garden, leave baited traps along it. This could help to deter the use of those tunnels once they realize that their friends don't come back. A trap every 10-15 feet is a good way to space them out. 

Use Natural Repellants

It may sound gross, but purchasing bobcat or fox urine and spraying it around your yard can scare off mice pretty quickly. Bobcats and foxes are very successful predators to mice, so if they think that their biggest challenge is near, they are likely to leave. 

In conclusion, if you see mice in your yard at all it is time to act. Try to clean up your yard first, since eliminating potential burrows can sometimes drive them away. If you try several different techniques to get rid of mice and yet they remain, hire a professional who provides mice control services. Your yard and garden will thank you for it. 


29 January 2021

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