Buying a Family Sofa Takes Research


Buying a family sofa involves more than color coordination. Sure, you want the sofa to complement the other fixtures in the room, but you also want to ensure it is complimentary of your family's needs. If you are on the search for a new sofa to outfit your living room, den, or other family space, learn about some of the things you do not want to overlook.

1. Support and Structure

It is never a good idea to skimp on support and structure when it comes to a sofa, but it is especially important that you avoid this mistake when you shop for a family. For starters, it is best to stay away from pieces constructed from softwoods, such as pine. Always choose a hardwood construction as they are sturdier. 

You also want to remove the cushion from the sofa and run your hand across the base of the furniture to feel the springs. Ideally, you want a sofa in which the springs are hard, and you can feel that they are aligned closely together. 

Soft springs and those that are spaced far apart mean that the sofa does not have a good support system and with just minimal use, the sofa will begin to sag. If you are shopping online and you are unable to feel the springs, choosing a sofa with hand-tied springs, as they are often a safer bet as they are known to be more stable.

2. Size

Measure the area where the sofa will sit before you begin the shopping process. Most people understand that having a sofa that is too small to accommodate their family is a bad thing. However, not many people think about the impact of too large of a sofa. If the sofa is too large for the space, it is highly likely that it will get damaged.

Sofas are meant to be sat on, not bumped into. If the end of the sofa sticks out too far, from backpacks to strollers to body parts, the constant knocking from being in the way will shorten the lifespan of the sofa. This problem will only be made worse if the sofa is thinly padded, as the constant banging will eventually cause the frame to tear through the upholstery and you will be left with a rip at the edge of your sofa.

The sofa is by far one of the most important parts of the room. Make sure you take your time to choose the best furniture option for your family. Contact furniture suppliers to learn more about Alenya sofas. 


22 June 2020

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