Updating Your Pond's Shoreline To Keep Ornamental Fish Safe

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Having a pond in your backyard is a great way to add interest and intrigue to your landscape. The addition of ornamental fish to your backyard pond adds another element to your water feature, but these fish can lure in predators that have the ability to wipe out the entire fish population in your pond.

Here are three simple updates you can make to your pond's shoreline in order to keep your ornamental fish safe in the future.

1. Add a steep shelf to the outer edge of your pond.

Cutting out a steep shelf in the shoreline of your pond can be a simple way to keep predators at bay, The shelf allows your pond to become deeper near the edges, which will deter many predators from trying to eat your ornamental fish.

Animals like raccoons are frightened of deep water, and they will not attempt to fish in a pond with a steep shelf near the shoreline. Taking the time to create a steep grade will help you protect your investment by eliminating the destruction of your ornamental fish.

2. Add tall grasses near the shoreline.

Because a backyard pond represents a closed system, your ornamental fish have no outlet for escape when being harassed by a predator. You can help save your fish from becoming a quick meal by taking the time to add some tall grasses near the shoreline of your pond.

This simple update can help camouflage the movement of ornamental fish. Many predators hunt using their sight, so if they are unable to spot your fish, then they are less likely to frequent your pond. Tall grass varieties like sea oats or lovegrass can make your pond more aesthetically pleasing while protecting your ornamental fish.

3. Add some fishing line to your pond's shores.

Keeping birds away from your ornamental fish can be a real challenge. One easy way to keep birds at bay is by updating your pond's shoreline to feature a grid made from fishing line. Weaving some fishing line together in a grid-like pattern along the shoreline will prevent birds from landing near your pond.

As soon as the birds come into contact with the fishing line, they will quickly fly away to avoid getting entangled. The fishing line is nearly invisible once it is laid along the shore, so it will not affect the aesthetic value of your backyard pond.

Taking the time to update your pond's shoreline by adding a steep shelf, planting tall grasses, and incorporating a fishing line grid will help you keep your ornamental fish safe from predators in the future. For more information, contact local professionals like JK Landscaping & Grading Inc.


20 October 2016

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