Keep That Kamado Upright: Ways To Prevent Your Kamado Cooker Intact

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Ceramic covered ovens or kamado cookers, such as the Big Green Egg, are efficient appliances that allow you to complete a diverse number of dishes. But they are also fragile; think about how easily a ceramic dish can chip or break if it falls even a short distance. You have to be very careful with kamado cookers because one crack in the case and you could lose that even heating that the ovens are known for. These few tactics will help you keep that cooker intact so you can continue to use it in your outdoor kitchen.

Keep Away From Children -- Even in Storage

You know you have to keep kids and pets away from the cooker when it's in use because it's basically a hot grill filled with smoldering charcoal. But even when the cooker hasn't been used in a while and is completely cool, keep it out of the way of curious kids and animals. If they're playing around and a child throws something that hits the cooker, it could get knocked over. Or a curious pet could jump up on the top of the cooker and slip, toppling the cooker in the pet's attempt to not fall.

Look for Anti-Tip Stands

When you are using the cooker, place it in a stand that is sized properly and that has legs that radiate outward. Stands that have legs that go straight down can fall over easily, especially after you open the cooker because the heavy lid will throw the weight of the cooker off-balance. Many stands (sometimes called nests) have rubber stoppers that help keep the cooker in place.

Another option is to buy a special kamado cooker table. These are tables and cabinets with a space meant to fit a specific size of cooker, along with counter space and sometimes extra storage cabinets. These tables look like the tables you see surrounding an outdoor stove. The cooker rests on a special trivet that allows for better airflow. The tables are large enough so that there is no risk of them tipping over unless you purposefully shove them over.

Don't Throw the Lid Open

Kamado cookers are heavy, but they are manufactured so that you can open one easily. However, be careful of how much force you use and how quickly you open the lid. If you try to throw it back when you're in a hurry, you could send the oven crashing over if it's in a stand. If the oven is in a table, it might not tip over, but you can harm the hinges connecting the lid and body.

If you are still having trouble keeping the kamado cooker upright, talk to the manufacturer's customer service department. The company has tested these cookers and stands and can figure out why you might be having trouble. Contact a company like Hearth and Patio to learn more about your options and supplies.


20 October 2016

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