Controlling Weeds Without Poisoning Yourself

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If you have been trying to clear your yard of weeds but seem to face a losing battle every year, don't give up. You can eventually win, but you have to try to beat the weeds at every stage, from pre-germination seeds to fully-grown stalks. And if you prefer not to use standard chemical/poisonous herbicides, there are still many strategies you can use.

Mulch Them

One way to stop weed seeds from germinating is to mulch areas that don't have plants in them, or mulch areas around plants. That will cut off the light and heat that make the weed seeds sprout.

Bury Them

Another strategy for dealing with potential seed eruptions in soil that you want to plant in is to bury the soil with more soil. Get certified weed-seed-free topsoil and use that in a raised garden bed. Any seeds in the garden soil beneath that level won't get enough light filtering through to make the seeds germinate.

Salt Them

Weeds that just won't go away might change their minds after you spray them with saltwater. Mix salt and water and apply the solution to the plant's stalks and leaves. Be very careful to protect the plants around the weeds, and try not to get the solution on the soil -- the salt can make it difficult for anything else to grow, and it's not a focused herbicide. It will kill most plants.

Cut Them

If you're dealing with a particularly weedy garden, you might not be able to pull up every last weed. But at the very least, you'll be able to spot flowerheads and cut them off. If you cut them in the flowering stage, you prevent them from turning into seed pods, which would just spread more seeds. This strategy won't get rid of weeds, but it will prevent many from multiplying, which should make next year's growing season a little easier to handle.

Eat Them

If you can't beat them, research them and see if they're edible. Many prolific weeds, such as common purslane and lamb's quarters, are edible. Dandelion and watercress might be two of the better-known edible weeds out there. If you have not been treating the weeds with poisonous (to humans) herbicides, you may be able to wash them off and eat them. Again, this is only if the species is edible, only if you haven't doused them with poison, and only if you can identify the weeds without a doubt (your county extension office can help you identify them if you're not sure). Once you can do that, you can try to cultivate them for salads and stir-fries.

For more information, contact Snyder's Weed Control or a similar company.


26 September 2016

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