Choosing The Right Stone Countertop For Your Home Decor, Your Budget, And Your Needs

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When you are designing the kitchen of your dreams, one of the most important aspects is choosing the right countertops. They can make all the difference in your kitchen's decor, and you will spend a lot of time in your kitchen cooking, socializing, and eating meals with your family. When you choose natural stone as a countertop, you are choosing both a durable surface and one that has plenty of character. As each natural stone is different, no two stone countertops are the same.

The Practicality of a Stone Countertop

You can put a hot pan right on your stone countertop, spill water on it, and the countertop won't be affected. They last a lifetime, and are considered a permanent structure of the home. You will have to provide some routine care to your stone countertop if it gets stained by food, although some types are now treated and come with a lifetime warranty against staining. Virtually indestructible, stone countertops maintain their shine and color through many years of regular use.

When Budget is a Concern

Most people who are designing a kitchen have to stay within a budget. The price range for a natural stone countertop varies widely, as you can choose a close-out, bargain design at low prices in the $5 a square foot range, or you can choose a top of the line, perfectly made stone countertop for $100 per square foot. Your choices will determine how expensive your natural stone countertop is, and you can find reasonably priced products to fit within your budget.

Color Schemes and Stone Countertops

It's possible to find natural stone countertops in just about any color configuration. Each type of stone is different, with mineral lines and specks within the stone that make your countertop unique. Whether you want a dark granite countertop, or you want a lightly colored soapstone, the right countertop is easy to find. 

When you install stone countertops from a company like Artisan Granite & Marble, it's important to remember a few things about your beautiful new work counters. If you get water on your countertop, it should be wiped up fairly quickly. Although stone is impervious to water, standing water can leave water marks on the stone. If you like to use heavy, cast-iron cookware, be mindful when you place the cookware on the countertop as you can chip the stone. While these problems can be repaired, it's easier to avoid the issue in the first place.


26 April 2016

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