Tips For Caring For Your Home Generator

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When you have a standby generator for your home, it's important that you keep it running at its best in case of an emergency. In many cases, routine maintenance makes the difference between having power when you need it or still being in the dark. Here are a few tips to help keep your standby generator running at its best so that it can respond properly when you need it.

Finish Pre-Season Preparations

Before the storm season rolls in, make sure your generator is up to the task. Start with a thorough inspection of the generator itself to spot any obvious indications of wear or physical damage.

Check the spark plug as well. It shouldn't be burnt or otherwise damaged. If it does appear burnt, you'll have to get a new one. In addition, look at all of the wires, screws and fixtures for any indications of fraying, corrosion or cracking. If there are any obvious signs of damage in the wiring and other components, you'll need to call a generator repair technician.

If any of the bolts are loose, tighten them until they are hand-tight. Don't assume that bolts are all tight just because you checked them last year. The vibration of the machine can actually cause those bolts to loosen up. You also need to examine the air filter at least once a season, and then again after the generator has run during a power outage.

Do Routine Oil Changes

Make a point to change the oil in the generator once a year. You can do it at the end of the season, but if you do it at the start of the season, you ensure the freshest possible oil during the time when you need it most.

Before changing the oil, run the generator for several minutes to warm it up. This makes it easier for the oil to flow when you drain it. Shut the generator off, then position a drain pan directly under the oil drain plug. Loosen the plug with your wrench, then let all of the oil drain out.Tighten the drain plug once the oil's drained, then fill the generator with the type and amount called for in the owner's manual.

Keep The Fuel Fresh

The generator's fuel tank needs to be filled with fresh fuel at all times. When you fill the tank with fuel, add a fuel stabilizer to keep it from varnishing the inside of the tank or the fuel components. Freshen the fuel supply once every few months if you don't run the generator during that period.

The tips here will help you to keep your generator in the best possible running condition so that it is there when you need it. If you aren't comfortable doing these things on your own, you can work with a generator technician, such as from Anderson Water Systems, to have them done properly.


21 February 2016

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