4 Steps You Will Want To Be Familiar With When Renovating Your Business Storefront

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First impressions are everything, and with a new storefront for your business, you will be able to completely change the image of your business. There is also a lot of work involved in building your storefront, and many decisions you will have to make. Here are the steps that you will be working with during the renovation of your business:

1. Planning And Budgeting Your Project According To Your Business Needs

Before you begin your renovations, you will need to plan your project. You may want to look for a good design that you want to base your project on. It is also important to include costs like demolition, structural changes and other improvements in your budget. These extras should be apart from the storefront costs, and give you enough cushion for unexpected expenses during your renovations.

2. Demolition Of Existing Structure And Preparations For Storefront Renovations

Demolition may be something that needs to be done before you have your new storefront installed. This can involve removing an old storefront, making changes to partition walls and adapting the structure for the new entrance.  It may also include moving utilities and adding a foundation for the new structure to be installed.

3. Design And Fabrication Of Your New Business Storefront  

Once you have your business prepared for the new look, you will be ready to start with the design and fabrication process. The storefront service will come, take measurements for the project, and draw a plan. Once you have the design that you want, many of the parts will be fabricated in a controlled factory environment. This process reduces time and costs for building your custom storefront.

4. Storefront Installation And Adaptations To Existing Structure 

Once the storefront is built, it will then be delivered in sections where it can be installed on site.  While it is made to exact specifications, there may still be some adaptations needed for the existing structure. This can include installing utilities and special features that cannot be done in factory settings, such as lighting, plumbing and custom woodwork.

Adding a new storefront to your business can help to renovate your business and its image. It will give potential customers a fresh first impression with a new look. If you are ready to change the image of your business, contact a storefront installation contractor like Glasshopper Schor Glass and ask them what they can do to give your business exactly what it needs.  


12 May 2015

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