In A Band? Here's Why You Need To Rent A Storage Unit

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As a band member, there's a good chance that you can benefit from renting a storage unit from a storage rental company. These are a few reasons why a storage unit could be a positive thing for you, your band mates and your band as a whole.

1. Prevent Noise Complaints

If you usually practice your music at home, you have probably been the victim of noise complaints more than once. Not only do you have to worry about your family members or roommates complaining about how much noise you are making, but you also have to worry about your neighbors, property manager or homeowner's association. Most storage unit companies don't mind the noise, however; if you call ahead and ask, you might find that they will be happy to let you practice at the storage unit site.

2. Enjoy Great Acoustics

If you have never practiced or performed in a storage unit, then you might be surprised by the great acoustics that you can enjoy. Because they are open, square spaces, storage units can often provide you with a great sound. This can make a storage unit a great place for recording or just for practicing and enjoying the way that your band sounds.

3. Have Safe Storage for Equipment

Guitars, drums, amplifiers and other musical equipment can be very expensive. If you're concerned about your stuff getting stolen, consider renting a storage unit for the job. Many storage units are very secure and include alarm systems, surveillance cameras, strong locks, fences and more. This can be great for ensuring that your equipment is safe and can make your home less of a target for theft.

4. Save Space at Home

Musical equipment can take up a lot of space in the home. You might not have much room at home for your equipment, or your family members or roommates could be complaining about how much space your stuff is taking up. By moving your equipment to a storage unit, you won't have to worry about a lack of space at home.

Storage units aren't just for people who are moving or who have too much junk; they can also be extremely handy for people who are in bands as well. These are just a few reasons why your band can benefit from the rental of a storage unit, so consider talking to Preferred Storage or another storage unit company in your area to find out more.


1 April 2015

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