Learn How To Customize A Garden Gnome To Give As A Gift

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Finding the perfect gift to give the man who has everything can be quite difficult. If you have a sports enthusiast in your family, consider making him a customized gift for him to treasure for years to come. There are cute garden gnomes available that you could easily customize with the person's favorite team colors to create a gift they are sure to love. Use the following guide to learn how to transform a gnome within just a few hours.

Prime the Gnome

Many garden gnomes are made out of stone or plastic. Fortunately, both of these materials can easily be painted once they are properly primed. Get a can of primer spray paint. Take the gnome outside and place it on a tarp. Shake the can of paint vigorously, remove the cap, and spray the entire gnome in light, even strokes. Allow the primer to dry for an hour before continuing.

Determine the Color Scheme

Once the primer has dried, determine the color scheme you want to use on the gnome. Many gnomes have large, pointed hats on their heads that can easily be painted to match the colors of any sports team. If you are very artistic, you could even create a replica of the logo for the team on the gnome's hat.

Paint the Gnome

Use acrylic paint to paint the gnome the specific colors you have chosen. Take your time to ensure that you have as crisp of lines as you can because the person will be displaying the gnome where other people can see it. You may want to outline the separations between the shirt, pants, and shoes with black paint to create a more defined look. Allow the paint to dry for a few hours before you add the protective coating.

Protect the Paint

Get a can of polyurethane gel and paint the entire gnome with the gel. The gel will serve as a protective coating to keep the paint from easily becoming damaged. The polyurethane gel takes a few hours to dry so be sure that you do not touch it until it is ready.

Once the polyurethane has dried, you can wrap the gnome and give it to the person as a gift. Let him know that the gnome has a protective layer on it so that he can display it indoors or outdoors without having to worry that the paint will become damaged.


11 February 2015

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