4 Reasons To Look Into Bamboo Flooring For Your Home


If you are interested in purchasing new flooring that is trendy and environmentally-friendly, have you considered bamboo flooring? Bamboo is a material that offers so many benefits, and it looks great in most homes. If you are ready to replace a floor in your home, or if you are building a new house, here are four reasons you may want to look into this type of hardwood flooring.


Bamboo is environmentally-friendly for several key reasons. The first reason is that it is a renewable resource. Bamboo shoots are one of the fastest growing trees in the world. It takes approximately four years for a bamboo tree to fully mature, and this is a much shorter time period than almost all other types of trees.

The second reason is because it is biodegradable. When it is thrown away, it will completely decompose in a short amount of time. This eliminates the risk of harming the environment.


The second reason to choose bamboo is for its durability. Bamboo is approximately as hard as wood made from oak trees, and it tends to hold up well in any room of a home. It is ideal for high traffic areas, and it takes a great deal of stress to wear it out. If you have kids or pets in your house, bamboo is an excellent choice of flooring. It also does not scratch or dent easily because of its hardness.


Finally, bamboo is a great option for flooring because it is unique. If you are planning on putting your house up for sale and want to replace some of the floors before this, bamboo is a good choice. Potential buyers may really like the way the flooring looks, and they may be attracted to the uniqueness of it.


You may be surprised to find out that bamboo is an affordable type of flooring too. According to Homewyse, bamboo flooring costs between $4.87 to $7.53 per square foot. This is the cost for the material and installation, and this is actually cheaper than the average cost for most other types of hardwood floors.

It's also important to note that cleaning bamboo flooring is easy. You can sweep it and use a damp mop when needed.

You can purchase bamboo flooring from most flooring stores. The flooring store can help you calculate how much you will need, and they will also be able to offer installation services for you if needed. (For more information on hardwood flooring, contact National Carpet Mill Outlet)


23 January 2015

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