Got A Thrift Store End Table With Drawers? Dress It Up In Just A Couple Hours

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If you picked up an old end table at a thrift store, you might be wondering if there are ways to dress it up a little. Even if you don't have a lot of time, you can spruce this item up to add a little flair to your living room. This guide demonstrates how to add uniqueness to your living room by permanently attaching decorative paper to your "new-to-you" end table.

Step 1: Gather the Required Supplies

Go to the craft supply store and pick these items

  • fine-coarse sand paper
  • paintbrush
  • your choice of paint
  • decorative paper
  • decoupage medium
  • cutout paper shapes
  • scissors

Step 2: Remove the Drawers

Remove all doors, drawers and pullout shelves, along with any hardware.

Step 3: Sand and Paint the Surfaces

Lightly sand the entire exterior of the end table. Vacuum or sweep up any sawdust so that it doesn't fly up during the painting process and stick to the paint.

Paint the exterior, doors and drawers with the paintbrush and allow it to dry. Apply another coat if you want a darker color. Rinse the paint out of the brush and hang it up to dry so you can use it later.

Step 4: Measure the Sides and Apply Decorative Paper

Measure the sides, top and edges of the end table. Then cut the decorative paper according to the measurements. Remove the back to expose the glue on the paper and apply it to the end table, beginning at the top and working your way down. Smooth out and lumps or bubbles as you go.

Step 5: Apply Decoupage Medium

Apply the decoupage medium with the paintbrush to the paper surface.

Step 6: Replace Drawers and Apply Cutouts

Put the hardware back on the doors and/or drawers and reattach them to the end table. Replace any pullout shelves that the unit might have as well.

Peel the backing from the paper cutouts and apply to the end table in a design that's appealing.

Step 7: Apply the Final Coat of Decoupage

Paint on another coat of decoupage medium over the entire end table with the paintbrush. Allow it dry completely before placing anything on top.

Take your time in choosing the design for your new end table. Plan to spend a few hours creating a look that's unique. This method doesn't have to be limited to an end table. Once you've gotten a feel for creating a new design, use this method on other old pieces of furniture as well.

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20 January 2015

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